With administration of Roberts and Co where does this leave local business, estate agents and Newport.

Is the housing market in decline? is local business in trouble or is it Newport in general?


Roberts and Co Estate Agent appoints administrator

“Roberts and Co Estate Agents has branches throughout Gwent – including in Newport, Caerphilly, Pontypool, Ebbw Vale, Caerleon and Risca. 

Staff at the firm have contacted the Argus saying they fear they are to lose their jobs……”

This is very sad news again for business in Newport, South Wales, where does it end and when does it turn the corner?

If you travel to Cardiff, Bristol and Swansea you see a totally different picture, ok not all a bed of roses but you can certainly tell the difference.

I think there is a much bigger picture to all of this, having visited and met with local businesses on a daily basis they all seem to be saying the same thing.

“We are not making any money anymore”

After spending several months trying help warn both Maindee Town and Newport Indoor Market about the impact Friars walk will eventually bring, and at the same time pointing out the dangers of joining and getting into bed with the huge paid directories, Rightmove being one of them, with Just Eat being another example for Restaurants and Takeaways.

This pre warning unfortunately seemed to fall on deaf ears!

Is Rightmove just another search Engine? Of course it is, its a very expensive one if you don’t do it right.

Making the most of your profile page and listings is paramount.

So how do you start? If you are a fairly large agent, I would imagine you have to employ somebody to do this.

Now start adding up the cost of the fees and staff its frightening.

By joining these large companies and putting all of yor eggs in one basket, I  strongly believe you are handing over the keys to your business in the long term.

5 years ago these companies were begging you to add your business, not anymore have you noticed the difference?

So whats the alternative? How do you protect your business long term.


Building your “BRAND” is a great start making sure everyone recognises you and remembers your business, quality of service and reputation.

Diversify, don’t rely on Rightmove or JustEat or similar sites, use them only if you have to then always renegotiate put their business under pressure, not yours.  If I told you I bought a house from FreeAds several years ago would you believe me?

FreeAds           Friday Ads       PreLoved       Cardiff Directory 


With the power of Rightmove and other similar sites, getting your listing to show on Google alone is a huge job so find other alternatives. Some industries are virtually impossible without massive investment and time. And it’s getting worse Google are now in the market for their own listings take a look at the holiday industry.


One thing I noticed and believe is a huge issue is the “I’m alright jack” belief, businesses don’t seem to work together any more there seems to be a breakdown in the business community.

If 10 shops close around you customers will stop coming to you eventually.

Maybe have regular meetings and help each other out (without giving away trade secrets current state of networking)  Make a conscious effort to buy off each other and recommend another businesses.

Write honest reviews on another local business maybe share each others content. Just remember it works both ways, not a good idea one side helping and the other not.


Find other advertising alternatives like Native advertising, Display Ads