DON’T PANIC! With the coronavirus & business taking up all of the bad news at the moment, what can we do? Definitely don’t panic, bury your head in the sand or give up just yet.  In times of unplanned or sudden economic changes or if it looks like there is no hope, take a little time out and think of how you can survive, change direction or offer other ways to supply your customers.

Maybe contact other businesses and arrange some form of collaboration or buy from other local businesses to keep the community going.

It’s very difficult to keep your business going if all the others around you are closing.


It’s never been more important than it is now to support your local business community.

Please remember to follow government and health guidelines before making any major changes these are unusual times and circumstances.

Covid 19 Business & The Government 

What are they doing to help? 

The Government is acting fairly swiftly in offering help to small business. Here are a few recent posts and informational links for those who need it.

Guidance for employers and businesses on coronavirus ……..

A package of temporary, timely and targeted measures to help UK business…..

Welsh Government Support……

Employees and Employers advice

Takeaways Restaurants Cafe’s…….

The Transport Sector advice……

The business Interruption Loan Scheme 

Business Helplines 

The Coronavirus helpline :

0300 303 0660 – Scotland
0300 456 3565 – England
0300 060 3000 – Wales

So what can be done online? how we can keep businesses running in this time of difficulty?  

Shops and consumer supply chains.

If you don’t deliver and rely on customers coming to you, consider offering a delivery service.

The  more people staying at home self isolating the more customers will welcome deliveries, just make it clear you are taking the correct and proper precautions.   Perhaps collaborate with a local taxi firm or a local courier (man with a van) strike a deal where you both benefit.


If you are not online, then NOW is a good time to take a serious look.



Try various online outlets, although it can be good a idea to take advice first, we are happy to take calls as a free consultation if required, only if you are unsure where to start and want to know what are your best options. 

CALL 02922 645501  

Social Media Platforms which work well in the UK 

  • Facebook where have you been hiding if you don’t already understand the power of Facebook. Ok it’s not for all businesses but some companies we deal with do very well, if it’s done right Facebook can be a very powerful sales tool for small business.
  • Instagram is also very powerful but more personal as you tend to operate it directly from your smartphone again not suitable for all businesses great for beauty, fitness and visual products.
  • Linkedin is a B2B platform which is more suitable for businesses who want to interact with other businesses.
  • Twitter I find is more of a conversational platform but still useful to get a foot in the door and keep in touch with local trends.
    Remember it takes few months normally to get things moving but when the difficult times clear at least you will be ready

Advertising Platforms 

  • Ebay is a great source to sell almost any goods online with charges averaging about 10% plus delivery. Be wary of keeping a good feedback and make sure your goods are well packed and tracked. Read buyers feedback to avoid scams.
  • Gumtree another Ebay company but considered more of an advertising space, there are various ad charges. Normally self delivery or Collection of items locally.
  • Free Ads is both A free and paid listings platform and can be useful but not as popular. Again normally local
  • Friday Ad is similar to freeads but not as popular, again both free and paid ads
  • Etsy was originally for businesses who made their own product but have changed track recently making it a bit more like ebay
  • Cardiff Directory our very own directory for local businesses in Cardiff here you can build a profile like a single page website and add your business details for free, with an option to upgrade to Featured or Premium then use all of the great addon facilities for a year. With a free page you can list items for sale for a small charge much cheaper than Gumtree plus we also share for you with a reach of over 12k followers locally.

To help out we now have an upgrade offer to the first 50 new sign ups or upgrades to Premium MASSIVE 80% OFF use code 2020special   ENDS 31 APRIL

“Businesses who deliver will survive”

Which Social Media sites work for what types of business? 

Linkedin  Accountants, B2B, Businesses advisers, Large Construction Companies, Job listings, recruitment……..

Facebook  Car Sales, Trades, second hand goods, beauty, marketing, food Instagram Beauty, food, homemade goods, cars, clothes, jewellery, anything visual

Twitter  Most businesses but difficult to succeed although fairly good for making local b2b contacts directly also good for keeping up with latest trends.

YouTube Is for everyone and can be used as a great tool in many ways the others cannot offer. Looking at the video’s above you can see two ways to produce a video and still be useful and informative. With Youtube you can also share anywhere or embed on your website once the video is live. If you get the SEO right on the video it can end up on Google’s front page as shown in our previous Google My Business example the company shown “Crownhill Topsoil” have three video’s showing up on Google’s first page search results.

Take a look at the Social Media for Business guide for a more in depth view if you plan to do your own

Facebook Small Business Hub 

Facebook Free Courses 

Anything online takes time and if you have no idea what you’re doing it takes so much longer. So take these factors into account when planning your online business strategy. Choose the right form of promotion, and you can do well, choose the wrong way and it could cost you time, money and effort, choose to many and you will get bogged down 100% guaranteed. Get a brand free evaluation first to save time.

What If you are an advice based business?

Try Podcasting or video conferencing add a link to your Social media pages, website and Google Business pages offer a free service and a paid option with a large selection of features

  • Recording and Playback
  • IVideo Conferencing
  • yChat
  • Screen Sharing
  • Call Control
  • Broadcaster
  • All Cloud
  • Radio
  • 1,000 Participants
  • Mobile App

    Google My Business

    Probably the most important of all if you’ve not signed up yet it’s quite likely you get very little from Google search.

    This is your brand hub; this is where you start to build your online presence and create a strong reputation. This is where you build reviews, show images and all of your important details about your business, done right and you will stand out as a professional company who can deliver what your customer’s looking for. Your Brand name is ultra important and this is where everyone looking for your services find out what you’re made of. See a great example here. 

    Reputation Management 

    Is a service Cardiff Media offer to control your business reputation, build trust and optimise all of your platforms to get the best and long term result. Visit our RM page to find out more…..


    Banking Alternatives


    Ok I know this is a bit extreme but not really, history tells us that anything is possible in times like this. This economic problem because of Covid19 could push a few organisations off the edge with a couple already showing signs, Deutsche Bank being just one for the last few years but still somehow managing to hang on.


    Some banking alternatives have sprung up in the last few years which are getting some rave reviews.


    It may be a good idea to open a few and spread your risk.


    Monese is a good Banking App which allows you to open an account quickly and with little fuss you can also open a linked business account almost as quick without having to jump through hoops to get it done. USE REFERRAL CODE CHRI555 and get up to £20 free to start you off, you can also invite friends and earn the same again and again.


    Revolut is another app, although there is no offer to join this App has everything from taking and making payments from customers friends and family to trading stocks and cryptocurrency, this little gem has it all for emergency plans.


    “I have a relative who has used Revolut with no issues for over a year and he’s 80 years old Monese I have used myself”


    Starling BANK IS ANOTHER


    Banking and accounting 


    WaveApps is a fantastic and easy to use accounting and invoicing software much better than most similar apps as it is free and so quick to set up.Great Quickbooks or Sage alternative

    GoCardless for taking payments and Direct Debits is brilliant they charge just 1% however the payments do take a few days to go through. It’s not difficult to set up and most people could use it with out to much problem.



    Business Continuity Planning

    Below are two videos which are aimed more towards Medium to large size businesses for continuity planning, both still give a core structure and excellent advice on how to manage going forward. The videos are worth a watch and give really helpful advice before tackling Coronavirus and Business issues.

    Videos Courtesy of

    Finally if you plan to do everything online yourself, remember it takes time for it to work and longer when you lack the experience. Good Luck everyone and hope at least some of this information is helpful.


    Cardiff Media