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Impress your customers

Broadcast live!!

What your business has to offer

Advertisers let everyone know what your business has to offer, by displaying business offers and ads to the public who are waiting in a queue,sitting in a cafe,pub or sitting in a waiting area.

Venues can display menus, special offers and information while collecting extra revenue. Monitored entertainment and information screens. 

10 Venues FOR AN ADVERTISER can average 360k + views a year, with the whole reel of video playing on average 6 times per hour everyone gets to see your content. 

Recording of an actual video screen on location.

Entertainment or valuable information

We Place Professional looking Content in front of the Public eye

By having the ability to mix all types of content you can provide either valuable information to customers or staff or arrange with us for advertising to create a revenue stream for your store,cafe,bar small business.

Digital Signage

Add Virtually any content to your screens

Add Social media, video, adverts, memo’s , offers, coupon codes, news, weather, Youtube, music and much much more.

While all linked live to the local radio station 

MaxXposure 2

Make Your Business Come to Life

Get paid for supporting local businesses and your community
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Become an Advertiser

Get your tv style business ad in front of 1000's of potential customers for a tiny fraction of the cost of television advertising
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Collect up to £10 per Ad per week

Earn up to £5000 a year while helping your local business Community


Up Time & monitored screens

Pubs and Clubs

  • Add video
  • YouTube playlists or channels
  • Add Meal Deals
  • Drinks offers 
  • Up and Coming Events


  • Special Offers
  • Coupon codes
  • Meal Deals
  • Local Adverts


  • Office Notifications
  • Advertising
  • Notice Board
  • Social Media posts
  • AnnouncementS
  • Time tables


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