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The Administration of Roberts and Co

With administration of Roberts and Co where does this leave local business, estate agents and Newport. Is the housing market in decline? is local business in trouble or is it Newport in general?  Roberts and Co Estate Agent appoints administrator "Roberts and Co...

The Google Bert update

The Google Bert update, Google announced this week that It has been putting out what it calls "the largest step forward in the past five years, and one of the biggest leaps forward in the search history," starting earlier this week, throughout the week. That's the...

Google Link Tax

MEPs are about to cast their crucial votes on rules that could undermine the foundations of the web: the ability to link across the Internet, and the freedom to create online..........

Google core update 2019 Sept

Google has provided advance notice to SEOs and website owners that a comprehensive key update will be published on the 24th Sept 2019.The update will start rolling out and take a few days to finish, according to Google's Danny Sullivan. "Later today, we are releasing...

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