Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about our Web Designs

How much does a website Cost ?

This can depend on many things initially the size of your business & budget can determine the cost of your website.

Also what do you want to acheive from a new website? Is it local or national or maybe worldwide, is it ecommerce, single page, does it need the highest quality images and video or would you prefer to use your own.

A local business website can start from as little as £395 fully optimised and submitted to Google.

How long does it take?

The amount of content required determines the time it takes to build a website a one page website is obviously quicker than a five page website but depending on how written content and research is required. Small local businesses generally require a 4-5 page website which takes about a week to complete.  

Which Platforms do you use?

We specialise in WordPress and Wix website, after trying and testing many forms website builders and hosting we find these work the best. But each has its own uses one is suitable certain types website where the other is suitable for others.

This is also dertermined by your budget, size of website, are coverage and functionality 

Will our new websites include SEO?

All internal SEO yes, we optimise and submit your new website to Google ready.

This alone will give you a better performance than most other sites in your niche as we find many smaller companies attempt to build their own believing they are saving money.

Check out our page on SEO here 

Do you offer on going maintenance?

Yes this can start from £50 per month this is ongoing until you feel you are able to manage your own website. Generally we would advise if you choose this lower package & keep it going as it includes ongoing link building and SEO .

Always keeping you one step ahead of your competitors.

How much do I have to pay to get started?

We generally take the full cost of the website upfront once an agreement on design is reached. The reason for this is simple once the design is agreed we start work straight away and pay for all of your requirments up front, we then build the mainframe of the website withing the first week. As long as we then work together well on the design the website will be completed in the correct timeframe. 

We take the cost upfront because once the website is build which includes a lot of hard labour and research the finished product is usless to us but valuable to you.

By working this way there is never any issue once you pay we build the website and complete this allows you the client to either walk away with the website or continue with us on a maintenance package.

This avoids all disputes and any misconceptions. In other words the website belongs to you the moment the agreement is met. 

What extras can I get?

When we build your website we include all Social media links.

We can however offer everything your company needs to get seriously noticed online from:

Youtube channel

Youtube video

Social media pages 


Social posts 

Ongoing maintenance 

SEO Packages 

Link Building

and much more…………

What do I need to start?

If you already have an old website or a good social media presence we would have a great starting point. We can take the information from these sites including company colours logo’s and images.

If you are starting from scratch then high quality images, a written comprehensive description or about you text content , social media connections and as much information as possible will make the process a lot quicker.

Be prepared to work with us as we have found bad communication can slow things down a lot.

A list of what you want on the website and what you want to achieve. 

What is the best way to make of this all work?

To make a website work or website partnership with us work you should follow these guidelines.

1. Always check where new customers come from, by asking how they found you this will give you important insights into your performance online. This is the same for Social media you need to determine where your new business is coming from. Everything you do online is an investment either in time or financial cost.

2. Determine if it is cost effective to do your own! Normally the answer is always no, doing your own is time consuming and if you lack experience, a waste of time.

Do what you do best, that is run your business to ensure maximum production, sales or profit let the experts do this online stuff.

3. Listen to our advice for anything online as we will definately listen to your advice about how you run your business. This way we can both achieve the best results for your company.

 “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” Steve Jobs. 

4. Keep a close eye on your competitors if they are doing well find out why & share this with us, we can then impliment the same but better idea on your web pages. 

5. Your brand is now more important than it has ever been, your logo your colours and overall look is the way forward now, everything is moving away from word of mouth to online reviews, making your brand stand out over others is essential.  80% of business is now found through online search, women in general shop by reviews so if you have a bad look and bad reviews you will probably struggle in 2019 and beyond.  

6. Either use a way of monitoring your website perfomance via Google analytics or let us do that for you, we then forward you regular results. This way you can always stay ahead of the competition & understand where your customers are coming from and how. 


I want to build my own website is this a good idea?

You need to decide which is the most cost effective, after all you are running a business, most don’t realise the amount of work invloved.

If you are just starting out and cannot afford to pay someone yet then yes is probably the answer but still not advisable.


When building a website there are so many factors to take into account, do I know where to start, how long will it take to learn, will it work, how much ongoing work is required, how much time will I be spending on this.

We find that many who build their own sites don’t realise how much work is invloved and end up using all of their spare time working on the website and social media pages. This rarley cost effective for so many reasons.

So our advice would be who ever you use if you decide to employ a web designer, first check out thier portfolio, strike a deal which is a affordable to you and get on with what you do best, use the FAQ How to make a website work for you.



Why choose Cardiff Media?


Cardiff Media built by Businessman  Chris Barnbrook.

“After 15 years owning a builders merchants and paying web designers, SEO experts, Yell.com, BT phonebook and many more in the tens of £1,000’s  and getting little to no results I decided to learn myself,  this was a huge task but after 5 years I can honestly say I cracked it” Now 8 years on we have businesses who have been with us for years and never looked back.

Check out Crownhill Topsoil now in the top 5 search results in Google for over 15 related keywords dominating their area for their products. Client 4 years+ with on going maintenance and SEO.

Businesses want someone to talk to, communicate with on a regular basis & understanding. They want a website built which brings results not headaches.

Most business owners would rather pay someone to do the work and have confidence they will get results with a good after sales service, we found that many designers offer the first part no problem. With us we are always just a phone call away.

Some web designers are hugely expensive only to find out later, once you have paid them they are going to be one of the biggest headaches you have ever met.

One example for me BT £5,000 up front 3 years to finish the website, discovered the website I bought was a template and I had to input 90% of the work

Chris Barnbrook


Cardiff Media looks at your business from the business persons point of view first, we understand the difficulties you face and the problems you want solved, we then use this experience to create your selling machine, your phone call creator and information station.


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